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StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Bayley Lanec1900Coventry street imageAtmospheric view of Bayley Lane featuring St. Mary's Guildhall, St. Michael's church (later cathedral) on the left and the old cottage at number 22. See this view of the street looking back this way.Google maps
Bayley Lane1913Coventry street imageLooking westwards from Priory Street into Bayley Lane - St. Michael's church (soon to be cathedral) on the right, Draper's Hall on the immediate left, St. Mary's Guildhall beyond and cottage "number 22" farther ahead. The scene from that end of Bayley Lane can be see on this page.Google maps
Beechwood Avenuec1970Coventry street imageLooking southwards, with Shaftesbury Road on the left hand side.Google maps
Beechwood Avenue2005Coventry street imagelooking south - Hearsall Golf Course to right
Berners Close1980sCoventry street imagePart of the Tile Hill North estate built by Wimpey in the early 1950s.
Berry Streetc1900Coventry street imageBeautiful shot of Primrose Hill park, showing Berry Street winding its way past on the left towards the town end of Hillfields.Google maps
Berry Streetc1970Coventry street imageLooking into Brook Street (unfortunately, no longer in existence).
Binley Road1907Coventry street imageLooking westwards towards town with the Bull's Head pub on the left. Just beyond the pub on the left is this view of Stoke Green looking back in this direction.Google maps
Binley Road1950sExternal Coventry street image(External image)A 1950s postcard looking city-bound - the house on the left of the image now has outside it the bus stop between Princethorpe Way and Ullswater Road, which is beyond the next pair of semi-detached houses.
Binley Road1952Coventry street imageFrom near the present day Iceland & Lidl shops looking eastwards - Raleigh Road is the next street on the left.Google maps
Binley Road1962Coventry street imageLooking eastwards past the row of cottages at Stoke Green - the Bull's Head pub is just beyond the trees.Google maps
Bishop Street1905Coventry street imageBishop Street, looking southwards towards the Burges.Google maps
Bishop Street1905Coventry street imageLooking northwards - Silver Street on the right.Google maps
Bishop Street1910External Coventry street image(External image)A postcard sent in 1910, showing the view southwards towards the town centre.
Bishop Street1919Coventry street imageClassic view of the street looking southwards towards the two main spires, but showing the little photographed west side of the street (on the right).Google maps
Bishop Street1930sCoventry street imageLooking southwards from the King Street junction.Google maps
Bishop Street1939Coventry street imageLooking north into Bishop Street from the Burges - Hales Street to the right, Corporation Street to the leftGoogle maps
Bourne Roadc1970Coventry street imageShowing the GEC water tower in the distance.Google maps
Broadgate1907Coventry street imageLooking northeast up the east side of Broadgate - then a busy shopping street - from the junction with Hertford Street and Smithford Street. Holy Trinity spire in the background.Google maps
Broadgate1930sCoventry street imageLooking southwards into Hertford Street.Google maps
Broadgate1939Coventry street imageLooking northwards into Cross Cheaping.Google maps
Broadgate1950sCoventry street imageLooking southwest across Broadgate Island into the then traffic carrying Hertford Street.Google maps
Broadgate1962Coventry street imageViewing Owen Owen from near the temporary shops.Google maps
BroadgateEarly 1930sCoventry street imageLooking northwards along the west side of Broadgate with the newly build Burton's shop on the left corner with Smithford Street.Google maps
Brook Streetc1970Coventry street imageViewed from Berry Street.
Browning Road1935Coventry street imageViewed from the Longfellow Road end.Google maps
Bull YardEarly 1900sCoventry street imageThe famous Peeping Tom pub on the corner of Bull Yard (to the left) and Hertford Street.Google maps
Burgesc1910Coventry street imageLooking southwards into Cross CheapingGoogle maps
Burges1927Coventry street imageLooking southwest from the Hales Street - Bishop Street junction. See Steve Orland's now and then to see Corporation Street ploughing through since 1931.Google maps
Butcher Rowc1900Coventry street imageNorthwards view. At the far end, beyond what was known as the Bull Ring, is Ironmonger Row.Google maps
Butts1952Coventry street imageLooking westwards at the Technical College, with Albany Road to the left.Google maps
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