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17 street views for C

StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Canley Road1968Coventry street imageLooking NE at the level crossing with Pilkington Road on the right. Also see the view from the other side.Google maps
Canley Road1968Coventry street imageLooking SW towards the level crossing seen from the other side in this street-view.Google maps
Canley Road1968Coventry street imageLooking southwards towards Sir Henry Parkes Road.Google maps
Canley Road1968Coventry street imageCanley Road looking SWGoogle maps
Cash's Lanec1910External Coventry street image(External image)Taken from outside 271 Foleshill Road, Carter's nutcher's shop, looking up Cash's Lane. Includes Arthur Carter on his cart and John Arthur (Jack), his son, with his delivery basket to the right.Google maps
Chauntry Place1939Coventry street imageA postcard featuring Lady Herbert's Garden but providing a rare photographic view of Chauntry Place along the left edge of the gardens.Google maps
Clay Lanec1900Coventry street imageLooking northwards into Clay Lane from Walsgrave Road.Google maps
Coat of Arms Bridge Roadc 1860Coventry street imageThe Smithy
Coat-of-Arms Bridge Road1912Coventry street imageThe west side of the bridge. See the other side of the Bridge.Google maps
Coat-of-Arms Bridge Road1933Coventry street imageThe east side of the bridge, looking through towards the other side of the Bridge.Google maps
Cook StreetEarly 1900sCoventry street imageIncluding Cook Street Gate. Historic Coventry page.Google maps
Corporation Street2005Coventry street image
Corporation Street2005Coventry street image
Crescent Avenue1920sExternal Coventry street image(External image)Looking towards the gates to the Peel Conner Telephone Works on Copsewood Grange.
Cross Cheaping1939Coventry street imageCross Cheaping looking northwards towards the Burges - the original Owen Owen on the right.Google maps
Crow Lanec1970Coventry street imageAlthough no longer a street since the Ring Road construction, the pathway running alongside the GEC training school represents what was once Crow Lane, and was still referred to as such by Spon Street GEC employees until the factory's closure in 1990.Google maps
Cuckoo Lanec1910Coventry street imageThe rear of Gulson Free Library viewd from Cuckoo Lane. Out of shot to the left is County Hall and to the right, Holy Trinity Church.Google maps
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