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8 street views for F

StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Fairfax Street1904Coventry street imageNot the current Fairfax Street but the one that existed before the Ring Road was built. The street immediately in front of us is Ford Street, and we're looking northwards into Fairfax Street, alongside which can be seen Wheatley Street Schools.Google maps
Fairfax Streetc1970sCoventry street imageThe subway came up the other side of Fairfax Street near to Fishy Moores.Google maps
Far Gosford Street1920sExternal Coventry street image(External image)View from the corner of Paynes Lane.
Fleet Street1906Coventry street imageLooking eastwards into Smithford Street. To see a view back in this direction see this photo.Google maps
Fleet Street1913Coventry street imageThe only presently remaining portion of Fleet Street, looking back towards where the photographer would have stood to take this photo.
Foleshill Road1939External Coventry street image(External image)Tram 65 at Little Heath, looking towards Longford.
Ford Street1911Coventry street imageFeaturing the Art School - Trinity Church School to the right. Looking westwards. Now and then viewGoogle maps
Freeth Street1920sCoventry street imageJust off Jordan Well this little street rarely gets a mention.Google maps
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