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15 street views for H

StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Hales Street1905Coventry street imageTo the left is Swanswell Gate, straight on enters White Street and into Hillfields, and on the right the Old Fire Station.Google maps
Hales Streetc1988Coventry street imageFrom the Trinity Street / Fairfax Street junction. The ex-Coventry Theatre on the right was by then a Gala Bingo hall.Google maps
Hales Street2004Coventry street imageGoogle maps
Hall Lanec1910Coventry street imageHall Lane viewed from the junction of Ansty / Hinckley Road.Google maps
Harefield Road1954Coventry street imageLooking eastwards from the Brays Lane end of the street.Google maps
Hertford Streetc1920sCoventry street imageA postcard featuring the King's Head Hotel but also providing us with a decent shot of the top end of Hertford Street around the 1920s.Google maps
Hertford Street1933Coventry street imageClassic 1930s view of the top end of Hertford Street looking towards Broadgate with the Nat West bank at the far right.Google maps
Hertford Street1955Coventry street imageNote the old Coventry Evening Telegraph office on the left.Google maps
Hertford StreetEarly 1900sCoventry street imageBottom end of Hertford Street around the turn of the last century.Google maps
High Streetc1860Coventry street imageShowing Atkins & Turton coffee shop and Wingrave's Chemist shop in High Street c1860.Google maps
High Street1933Coventry street imageLooking westwards towards Smithford Street - Hertford Street off to the left and Broadgate to the right, the King's Head Hotel dominating the centre.Google maps
High Street1950sCoventry street imageLooking from Broadgate, the old Martins Bank building on the left.Google maps
High StreetEarly 1900sCoventry street imageGoogle maps
Hill Streetc1900Coventry street imageLovely atmospheric view of the 'town' end of Hill Street looking back towards Fleet Street. A view in the other direction can be seen in this photo.Google maps
Hill Street1935Coventry street imageFeaturing Bond's Hospital on the left, a nice pre-war view up Hill Street before it was cut off by the Ring Road. To look back in the other direction, see this photo.Google maps
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