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StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Palmer LaneProbably 1930sCoventry street imageLooking northwards from near to Ironmonger Row - probably just prior to demolition in the mid 1930s.
Parkgate Road1930sExternal Coventry street image(External image)A postcard view from the 1930s.
Pepper Lane1909Coventry street imageFeaturing the famous Golden Cross pub, looking the other way back down the street from this other view of Pepper Lane.Google maps
Pepper Lanec1910Coventry street imageClassic view of St. Michael's church spire looking eastwards along Pepper Lane, but nicely showing the entrance to Derby Lane on the left.Google maps
Precinct2005Coventry street imageLooking from Lower Precinct through to the cathedral
Priory Place2005Coventry street image
Priory Rowc1900Coventry street imageLooking westwards towards Butcher Row.Google maps
Priory Rowc1900Coventry street imageA photo of the whole length of Priory Row looking westwards - no longer possible to take now that the New Coventry Cathedral straddles the ground where once the eastern end of Priory Street lay.Google maps
Priory Row1935Coventry street imageA more unusual shot of Priory Row looking from the Trinity Street end (although at the time this picture was taken it would've been from the soon to disappear Butcher Row). Lychgate Cottages feature and are thankfully still standing.Google maps
Priory Row2005Coventry street image
Priory RowEarly 1900sCoventry street imageShowing the old Trinity Belfry.Google maps
Priory Streetc1910Coventry street imageLooking north-eastwards from what is now Fairfax Street.Google maps
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