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15 street views for S

StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Sheriff Avenue1980sCoventry street imageBuilt around the late-1930s the houses show a 'modernist' detail of the entrance porch. Note also that for terraced properties they have breadth rather than depth.
Smithford Streetc1900Coventry street imageClassic old turn-of-the-century view of Smithford Street looking westwards from the junction with High Street, Hertford Street and Broadgate.Google maps
Smithford Street1933Coventry street imageFacing eastwards - High Street can be seen in the distance, as can Woolworth's, which is also pictured in this 1939 view of the street looking back in this direction.Google maps
Smithford Street1939Coventry street imageSmithford Street looking westwards. This view of Fleet Street is looking back in this direction. Woolworth's is on the left, and can be seen on the right in this 1933 view looking back this way.Google maps
Smithford Way2005Coventry street image
Smithford Way2005Coventry street image
Spon Streetc1970Coventry street imageLooking eastwards from the G.E.C. end of the street (entrance on the right) towards town.Google maps
Spon Streetc1970Coventry street imageLooking westwards - Queen Victoria Road on the left, Lower Holyhead Road to the right and the old G.E.C. building (formerly Rudge Works) above the far end of the street on the left.Google maps
Spon Street2004Coventry street image
Spon Street31st December 1900Coventry street imageClassic view of Spon Street during the great flood of 1900/1901.Google maps
St James Lane1957Coventry street imageLooking northwards from the London Road end.Google maps
St Michael's Avenue1930sCoventry street imageRare view of St Michael's Avenue looking westwards out of New Street. A fine 'now and then' view can be seen on Steve's website.Google maps
Standard Avenue1980sCoventry street imageTerraced housing of the 1930s
Stoke Rowc1950sCoventry street imageLooking eastwards towards Briton Road.Google maps
Stoke Rowc1960sCoventry street imageLooking eastwards towards Briton Road after street improvements.Google maps
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