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22 street views for W

StreetYearImagesNotesGoogle link
Walsgrave Roadc1900Coventry street imageBeautiful view of the brow of Ball Hill taken around the turn of last century when the hill was known as 'Stoke Knob'. The Old Ball pub is still there and Clements Street can just be seen on the left.Google maps
Walsgrave Road1913Coventry street imageLooking eastwards towards where the Forum now stands from close to the junction with what is now Druid Road - although this photo was taken about 14 years before that street was built. Just up ahead on the right is the Rose and Crown pub (seen in this 1970 view from very close by) and on the left is the little row of cottages known as Church End, now unfortunately gone, which used to stand on the front grounds of Stoke St. Michael's church.Google maps
Walsgrave Roadc1914Coventry street imageA First World War era shot of Walsgrave Road looking out of town from the end of Far Gosford Street, and showing Gosford Green on the right. The then newly built railway crosses the main road in the distance - now the A444.
Walsgrave Roadc1935Coventry street imageLooking northwards up the last bit of Walsgrave Road before it changes to Ansty Road at the top of the hill ahead. Just out of shot to the right is the Forum, which has been home to a cinema until the late 1960s, then a bowling alley, now sadly gone.Google maps
Walsgrave Roadc1970Coventry street imageShowing the Rose and Crown on the right and the Forum in the distance. A much older view from very near this spot can be seen on this page.Google maps
Warwick Lane1930sCoventry street imageLooking southwards down the side of the Methodist Central Hall towards Warwick Row.Google maps
Warwick Road1860sExternal Coventry street image(External image)Possibly the earliest ever photograph of this view, made in the 1860s by Joseph Wingrave, Coventry's first principal photographer. The building on the right (signed "Railway Refreshments") still stands as The Rocket pub.Google maps
Warwick Roadc1900Coventry street imageLooking northwards from The Grove towards town. The old toll gate is on the left.Google maps
Warwick Road1906Coventry street imageLooking southwards towards "The Grove" - now the entrance to the War Memorial Park. Leamington Road splits off to the left, while Kenilworth Road forks to the right.Google maps
Warwick Roadc1965Coventry street imageLooking northwards towards New Union Street.Google maps
Warwick Roadc1965Coventry street imageLooking southwards towards the five-way junction of Warwick Road, Eaton Road, St. Patrick's Road and Queen's Road.Google maps
Warwick Road2005Coventry street imageLooking towards city from opposite Michaelmas Road
Warwick Road2005Coventry street imageTop Green
Warwick Row1916Coventry street imageLooking northwards into Hertford Street - Union Street on the right.Google maps
Warwick Row1939Coventry street imageOnce part of the main Warwick Road out of Coventry, now a frontage of premises alongside Greyfriars Green. Another street-view shows a little more of Warwick Row looking into Hertford Street.
Warwick Row2005Coventry street imageIt seems that on GE this part has no name now. It is next to Greyfriars Green, shot looking towards Hertford Street
Well Street1927Coventry street imageViewed from Hales Street near to where this view of the Burges was taken from. Lyne's Stores can be seen farther up Well Street (vertical black sign with white writing) and was still in use through to the 1990s.
West Orchard2005Coventry street image
West Orchard2005Coventry street image
Whitchurch Way1980sCoventry street imageSituated on the Charter Ave BISF (British Iron and Steel Federation) estate the houses were built between 1947 and 1950. A significant proportion of the original tenants were employed at the Standard Motor Company and Massey Ferguson.
White Street1899Coventry street imageFord Street is directly to the right and Jesson Street goes off diagonally on the left. In the distance is the stone arched entrance to Swanswell Park.Google maps
Woodway Lanec1900Coventry street imageOld scene looking southwards towards Ansty Road with the church of St. Mary's just visible over the rooftops.Google maps
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