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A fine instrument in its day. I can no longer do what I used to be able to do. My eyesight, along with other limiting factors meant that I retired as organist in 2004. I still have a bash at a few things from time to time, providing I have had time to practice, but I do have my most happy memories. It was a flu virus which ransacked my eyesight in the winter 1998/9. For a period I lost all sight as well as co-ordination. A short period in Walsgrave hospital 2001, where I received surgery has at least helped. The most difficult aspect of all of this is trying to explain to people, that I cannot do what I used to be able to do at one time with ease. It was an odd experience, having spent the first fifteen years of my life in & out of Paybody's hospital, to once again be under the care of mostly dedictated health care people.
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The Church Organ
The Church Organ

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