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The park here has a sense of wild about it. My Pam spent hours watching the birds flitting around here, on this warm late summer afternoon
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Longford park
Longford park

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1 comment
Sat 24th Dec 2011 10:33pm
Well captured. This stream contiues to flow to the other side of Longford Road, where there is another wild nature reserve, you can either get to via the canal where you took your canal photos, or there is a little bridge where the stream flows under at the bottom of Lady Lane estate turn left as you enter Longford Square into Lady Lane, follow the road round, take your first little road right Marlbough at the end of the houses on the left walk down and you will come to the bottom where there are metal rails go through the rails and you will come to the stream and the nature reserve. There is another walk on Lentons Lane on the right Hawkesbury Junction one.