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MPNI Fire, Gosford Street 1964
Rob Orland's gallery
Fire at the Ministry of Pensions & National Insurance
11 images: Updated 20th Dec 2014
1960s Ring Road and Development slides
Rob Orland's gallery
Construction slides of the City Centre and Ring Road from the 1960s
24 images: Updated 2nd Jan 2015
Ancient Buildings
Rob Orland's gallery
Ancient buildings and places around Coventry's city centre
11 images: Updated 28th Dec 2011
London Road Cemetery
Rob Orland's gallery
Some Prominent Gravestones and Memorials at the London Road Cemetery
11 images: Updated 7th Jan 2014
The district of Stoke
Rob Orland's gallery
The district where I've spent most of my life (so far)
4 images: Updated 21st Dec 2012
Engravings of Old Coventry
Rob Orland's gallery
Various views of our ancient city, many of which adorn our walls at home
46 images: Updated 27th Dec 2011
City Gates
Rob Orland's gallery
Engravings of some of Coventry's old City Gates
10 images: Updated 13th Aug 2017
Coventry Review Plan 1966
Rob Orland's gallery
Official City of Coventry Review Plan 1966
19 images: Updated 13th Apr 2012
Olympic Torch in Coventry
Rob Orland's gallery
Watch the Torch travel the Binley Road, 2nd July 2012
17 images: Updated 2nd Jul 2012
Stoke in black and white
Rob Orland's gallery
Some negatives I've scanned - but when were they taken?
8 images: Updated 7th Jul 2012
Standard Works
Rob Orland's gallery
Photo collection of the Standard Car Works
39 images: Updated 29th Dec 2020

Other subjects:

The Queens visit to Cowes 2012
Rob Orland's gallery
The Queen and Duke visit the Isle of Wight prior to the Olympics
16 images: Updated 29th Jul 2012
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